Birger Kullmann Design is a pioneer in design of modern leisure and commercial craft in Scandinavia.

We are well known for our ability to combine the best of materials for any given purpose, be it laminated wood or vacumbagged and heatcured advanced composites, -or any combination thereof!
We have been involved in the design and building of a number of craft ranging from a 2 metre dinghy to the 278 metre Vikingship built for the 1994 Olympic Winter Games.

And the lines for the world record holding freefall lifeboats...

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M - Birger Kullmann Design

Industrial Design:
“Rudder Device”: Concept for fast craft retractable rudder system for Kvaerner ASA. “VarioRUDDER”: Patented variable span steering concept.
“Manouvring Device”: Concept and prototype for integrated bridge steering mechanism for Kvaerner ASA.
“Scio”: Office chair, HÅG AS. CAD for Ind.Designers Søren Yran AS.
“1001”: Toy, Diploma, Norwegian Design Council competition 1993.
“Høie”: “Regatta” linen.
“miniROV”: Carbonfibre & body parts

M - Birger Kullmann Design

“The Vikingship”: Olympic Winter Games 1994.
CAD design of roof for Niels Torp Architects AS/ Biong&Biong Architects AS.
“Tretårn Birkenes”: Wooden Tower for Birkenes city. 1st price Norwegian Design Council/Norwegian Agricultural Department design competition 1994 (with Div.A Architects AS).
“Brekatedralen i Luster”: Jostedalsbreen National Park Information Centre. Initial roof design for A38 Architects.
“Aker Brygge”: Oslo City harbour planning.
“Filipstad Park”: Design & CAD for Kari Nissen Brodtkorb.
“Cottages”: Architecture for various privately owned mountain cottages.
Reception and shop area Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo.
Norwegian Maritime Museum "Johan Anker & Jan H. Linge" exhibition "sail wall"

M - Birger Kullmann Design Offshore/Subsea Marine Engineering:
“Troll”: Norsk Hydro AS, CAD, subsea riser systems.
“Yme”: CAD, Design, composite wellhead protection unit for SeaFlex AS.
“Misc.”: Concept/illustrations for Peconor AS. Video a.o. for Norsk Hydro on "Troll Pilot".
“NN”: xxx m offshore survey vessel. Concept development & design, scale model a.o. for Wilhelmsen Marine Services/ PGS.

M - Birger Kullmann Design

Fast Craft Naval Architecture:
“UT904”: 38M ‘‘SES‘‘ catamaran for Ulstein International AS, Ulstein Eikefjord AS. CAD design deck & superstructure.
“Various”: Windpark support and crew tender catamarans, 3D modelling of hulls deck & superstructure.

Cruiseship Naval Architecture:
“Windward/Dreamward”: 1220 pax for Norwegian Cruise Line. Concept studies, CAD modelling hull/superstructure. Interior design for Yran&Storbraaten Architects AS.
“Splendour of the Seas a.o.”: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. CAD hull/superstructure for Per Høidahl Architects AS.

M - Birger Kullmann Design

Workboats, Navy & Offshore Vessels Naval Architecture:

“workboat”: 12m catamaran for shallow draft operation. Concept & design for Nexans.

“no name”: 24m+ for multiple navy applications. Concept development for Kvaerner Mandal / Umoe Mandal.
“various”: Smaller workboats and projects for oil spill recovery, rov ops. a.o..
“various”: Crew Tenders/ workboats for offshore windparks, fish farms a.o..
“Watercat K13-FIC”: Custom series Fast Interceptor Craft for Royal Oman Police by Marine Alutech OY.

M - Birger Kullmann Design

Lifeboats & Freefall lifeboats Naval Architecture:

“GES50”: 15m, 80pax, Free Fall Lifeboat for Norsafe AS 1999/2000. Design & Engineering. World record drop height 1999 & 2012.

“FF750”: 30pax, Free Fall Lifeboat for Umoe Schat-Harding. Lines design & naval architecture.
“MPC29”: 150pax Cruise Lifeboat for Umoe Schat-Harding. Lines design & naval architecture.

“FF1200”: 16,5m, 70pax, Free Fall Lifeboat for Umoe Schat-Harding launched 2009/2013. Concept design & Lines, 3D model and presentation a.o. Norwegian Design Council award 2010. World record drop height 2009 & 2013.

“TBN”: xx pax, totally enclosed lifeboats for Schat-Harding. Concept design & Lines

M - Birger Kullmann Design

Fast Resque Boats & Daughter Craft a.o. Naval Architecture:

“KBV750”: 7.5M Rescue vessel for Swedish Coast Guard for Norsafe AS. Engineering, design, Prototype building. Workshop set-up 1997.
“Mako”: 6.65m series built grp Fast Rescue Boat for Norsafe AS 1998/99. Versions for waterjet and outboard propulsion. Design & Engineering. Norwegian Design Council award 1999.
“Munin”: 10m Daughter Craft custom built for Viking Standby/ Norsafe AS 1999. Design & Engineering.
“Munin”: Series for various applications. Design & Engineering. Norsafe AS. Norwegian Design Council award 1999.

“Stinger 630”: 6,3m series built Fast Rescue Boat for Umoe Schat-Harding. Design & Engineering. Inboard diesel/ waterjet and outboard versions.
“Stinger 760”: 7,8m series built Fast Rescue Boat for Umoe Schat-Harding. Design & Engineering.
“Stinger custom”: Fast Rescue Boat for K/S Norge, the Royal Norwegian Yacht run by the Norwegian Navy. Inboard diesel/ waterjet.
“RS 148 and RS 153”: Search and Rescue vessels for Norwegian Rescue Services by Marine Alutech OY based on the "K11mpc" platform.

M - Birger Kullmann Design

Leisure Craft - Yacht Design:
“Wet Dream”,“Norwegian Wood”,“Touch Wood”, a.o.: IOR Miniton Cup Yachts 1982-1988 (Kullmann/Mowinckel).
“Woóddóo”: Norway´s first day-cruiser in epoxy laminated wood 1988. (Kullmann/Mowinckel).
“Askeladden Ergofoil”: Worlds first foil propelled rowingboat. Design hull and deck for Foilpropeller/H.J. Askvik AS 1990.
“Utsteinsnekka”: Worlds first halfplaning ‘‘sailsnekke‘‘ 1989. Design by Birger Kullmann. (Styling: Petter Yran).
“Baby Grand”: Worlds first ULDB (IMS cruiser/racer) in wood/kevlar composite for Norwegian Grand Piano AS 1992. Concept, design & building. (Interior & styling with Yran&Storbraaten Architects AS).
“Ung-2000/ K17”: 17´day-sailer and youth trainer keelboat. Design and Yacht of the Year Award 1993. Concept, design & prototype.
“Fram XIII”: 10´ carbon/honeycomb dinghy for King Harald of Norway 1997.
“Nessi”: 42´ wood/epoxy/composite cruiser. Design and engineering. “Yacht of the Year” 1999.

“K19 One Design”: Injection moulded carbonfibre sandwich for K Boats AS. Design and engineering. Norwegian Design Council "Award for Design Excellence" 2003.
“Forgus 42”: 42 foot cruiser/ racer 2005. Design and engineering.
“various”: 11-12m one off enclosed cabin powerboats/ commuters.
“Hav27”: 8,4m daycruiser. Hull design a.o.
“Zombrero II”: 43 foot one off cruiser 2006. Design and engineering.
“various”: 4-13m powerboats, day-cruisers/ runabouts. and commuters.
“various”: 8-14m tenders and tender/ lifeboats for megayachts.

M - Birger Kullmann Design Other Projects:
Project evaluation for Industrifondet and Statens Veiledningskontor for Oppfinnere on small craft projects and patents.

Spesial effects items for “LOOC” for the Opening Ceremony of the 1994 Olympic Winter Games.
Special effect floors for the Norwegian National Theatre.

M - Birger Kullmann Design

“Norsk Form” (Norwegian Centre for Architecture and Design):
"Designs in Wood" by Birger Kullmann, Oslo 1996.

“Norwegian Maritime Museum”:
Yacht Design at the turn of the Century. New Materials - New Methods, Designs by Birger Kullmann” Oslo 1997.

Norwegian Centre for Architecture and Design: "Extreme North", 2005.

“BOOT”, Dusseldorf, “Sjoen for Alle”, Oslo. “Risor Wooden Boat Festival”;
Design awards 1993, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2006.

“60 in retrospect”, - “Gallery Albin Upp”, Oslo 2016.

Design Awards:
Norwegian Design Council; Award for Design Excellence 1999 (2x), 2003 and 2010.

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